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"China Is an Underrated Rock Climbing Paradise"
For Outside Magazine, Aug. 4, 2020

Born and raised in Beijing, Wufei Yu is a bilingual journalist and freelance researcher/fact-checker based in Santa Fe, NM.


Wufei has written for international publications like The New York Times, Outside MagazineEurasianet, South China Morning Post, KetagalanRappler, and so on, mostly focusing on nature & environment, sports, outdoor adventures, and everything in the general direction of China. His on-the-ground reporting usually coordinates with visuals snapped by his DSLR, gimbal&action cam, and smartphone. He also produces human-interest web docs and photo essays.

In 2019, when Wufei was 23, his sports writing earned him AIPS (International Sports Press Association) Top 15 Young Reporter Under 30 in Writing, ranked 2nd in Asia. 

He is an alum of Columbia Journalism School and holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from Peking University. Before J-school, he was a news researcher at NBC News Beijing Bureau.

His wanderlust and craze for the outdoors have brought him to 37 countries. In his spare time, Wufei can be caught road running at night while listening to decades-old Backstreet Boys tracks, watching archival episodes of Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports, or scoping his 38th destination.

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